Art Deco French Sideboard, smaller size with marble top


This is a spectacular sideboard with amazing detail in the construction and design. Externally, the cabinet grain is outstanding in a “pillow” pattern all over the curved front, that has a central vertical section at centre; to left and right from this, the doors curve back towards far left and right, approx.. 10cm; each door has a central division with the veneer pages symmetrical left and right to each door, and a nickel finish, handmade curved handle at centres, with built in key escutcheons. At the base, the foot is recessed back from left and right, and also stepped in from the curved front. The thick Marble top is in black with fine white veins at angle from front toward back; immediately in front of the marble lower edge is a reversed curve, “sheep’s-tail” step, followed by another narrow step, ending above the doors, continuing down and all around, the adjoining doors, making them look slightly recessed. Internally there is a single, full width shelf that is adjustable horizontally every 25-30mm over full internal height from base to top, achieved by a slotted support below shelf at each end to support it.

131cm wide x depth varies 37cm at ends, 47cm at centre x 104cm high





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