Art Deco American enamelled Cocktail Shaker


American Art Deco enamelled Cocktail Shaker and Measure,  advertising Seagram’s Benchmark Premium Bourbon, plus others. The glass body has a chrome screw off cap and lid, and the heavy quality glass body has enamelled Markings in varies colours, for: “Seagram’s Benchmark Premium Bourbon”, “White Horse Whisky”,  “Seagram’s V.O. Canadian Whisky”, “Seagram’s 7 Crown American Whisky” and “White Satin Gin by Sir Robert Burnett, London”. The vertical scale measurement at the side, is from 1 Fluid Oz. to 24 Fluid Oz, (lots of headaches!). There is no losses, wear or glass damage to report; all as new. Approx. dimensions are: 25cm high including top cap x 9.5cm dia. at top x 6.5cm dia. at base. U.S.A..