An American Art Deco Cocktail Shaker as a Bell


An American Art Deco Bell Cocktail Shaker, silver plated body and upper, removable pouring cap. A great lot of fun, as you ring to let friends know that the Cocktails are ready. Very hard to find one of these, particularly in this fine condition. Operation is easy, as you just open the shaker at base of handle, exposing the inner of the bell to take the ice cubes, juices and alcohol, etc., screw the handle back on and shake. Then you simply unscrew the top cap of the handle and pour into glasses; the liquid is automatically strained for pips and ice cubes at the internal filter a base of handle. Condition is excellent and everything works properly. The bottom is clear like a mirror, and the top silver is near perfect with only a few fine scratches over the years, but so shiny, barely noticeable and irrelevant considering the age, use and lots of fun. Dimensions approx.: 27.5cm high overall x base dia. 15.5cm , top of bell 5cm dia.. U. S. A..