An Art Deco Bevelled 12 sided Bronze Wall Mirror


Art Deco Bevelled Bronze Glass Mirror. Twelve sided outer edge; very unusual design with the diagonally opposite corners being double cut, creating the four opposite sides longer than the two edges at each of the diagonal opposite corners. All these edges are then  bevelled, say up to 30mm, and result in an intricate shape at each corner where the bevels meet. A relatively simple shape, but with the bevels and multiple corner intersections, transfers it into a striking piece. Both the mirror colour and bevel reflections are difficult to show in the photos, and ”colour” varies with angle of light, but it is all a metal bronze colour, and very impressive in real life. It retains the natural wood rear and the original Brass link hanging chain. The soft aged patina, adds to the presentation. Dimensions approx..: Width up and down, and left to right 61cm; width across the four shorter sides on the diagonals, is 65cm. Australia.



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