Rare Art Deco Celluloid Rhinestone set Folding Sunglasses


Rare Art Deco Fully Folding Sunglasses, in Faux Tortoise Shell with tiny bright Rhinestones across the front surfaces and down each arm, with double gilt stars at hinge studs. Amazing design, as when fully opened, every outer Tortoise front surface joint closes completely covering the metal hinge top, bottom and the pins each side, which become “invisible”, even across the nose bridge. These are very rare as they completely fold down to approx.  one quarter of their size; each lens and each half arm, all joints have toggled hinges. Each arm piece either side of the central arm hinge, flattens against the other side, and each lens surround folds against the adjacent lens; when fully closed it is only 4 “pieces” deep. The design sounds that it would be very fragile, but in real life, the frame is very strong as each component is relatively short, and the hinge metals/pins, are also strong. Dimensions approx.: Totally Folded, becoming a “cube”, 7.5cm x 4.5cm x 3.5cm. Fully Open, across inner brow is 14cm; overall length each arm 14.5cm; inner front to ear indent 10.5cm; depth down top brim to bottom 4cm. Whoever designed these must have been a Geometric Genius! The existing appear to be “prescription” Polaroid? Lenses but could be easily replaced with standard lenses.  Origin is believed to be France. Art Deco