Mid Century Solid Sterling Ring set with Lapis Lazuli


Mid Century Solid Silver Ring set with a fantastic brilliant Large Lapis Lazuli. This piece has an interesting history, as it is Hallmarked “835” meaning slightly less in Silver concentration than the usual British Sterling Silver or “925” European Solid Silver Standard. The small difference is usually made up by Nickel or another hard, white metal, so this grade is harder, and wears less than the purer Silver. The “835” is a marked reserved for Scandinavian Countries, and particularly for Belgium after 1942, but more likely Post 1945, as there was little production WW II. So, the Mark adds more interest to the history of the ring. Excellent presentation with a soft aged Patina that is only achieved over many decades of caring use; the Lapis is perfect and the silver is great with the Hallmark still clearly visible. Dimensions approx.: Ring size “T”  or 1 9 ½; Lapis gem 14mm x 14mm x 3mm thick; Band width (double coil or “Figure 8”, 4mm at rear to 10mm at banded shoulders; band thickness 2mm at rear up to 5mm at shoulders. Europe..