French Art Deco Marble Desk or Bedside Alarm Clock by Bayard


A French Marble with Brown Agate Bedside Clock  or Desk clock with alarm by Bayard France in stunning cream marble and decorated in intricate Brown, striped agate.  The agate finish is not common and this is quality finish to this lovely clock.  In good working order and totally original, checked, cleaned and timed, keeps very good time for age. No damage to report, with a soft aged patina as expected for probably close to 80-100 years of its life. Markings to the front are Company Name “BAYARD” below the noon area, and “MADE IN FRANCE” below the 6 area. The rear Controls have an Alarm Winder and Time set dial, Speed adjustment, Alarm “On /Off”, Time adjustment for hands. Dimensions approx.: 22m wide x 14cm high x 6cm deep. A clock of this quality and condition is not that common to find, and  with the hard Agate trim, makes it relatively uncommon. If not rare.. Circa 1930.