Art Deco Czech Malachite Glass Perfume or Scent bottle


Art Deco Czechoslovakian Green Malachite Glass Perfume Bottle with concentric, tapering swirls to the sides and the stopper in the shape of a feather. All in perfect condition with no chips, no cracks or losses. An amazing creation, that captures the details of the genuine Malachite stone, the veins, colours, etc., all perfect. The top feather shape, fitting is ground at the base, the same as the inner top opening, so it is airtight preventing evaporation of any expensive perfumes. Czechoslovakia is renowned for their glasswork World wide and this is a typical reason why. Dimensions are approx..: Flask complete is 19cm high, lower bottle 6cm high; Base  incl. gilt cap x 9cm wide x 5cm deep max.; the bulb and tube is 24cm long, plus Tassel of 11cm. Please refer to another different flask 7.5cm dia., to 2.3cm dia. at upper neck.. Czechoslovakia. Circa 1930’s





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