Pair of Art Deco Large Russian Baltic Amber Cufflinks


Art Deco Russian, Natural, Solid Baltic Amber Cufflinks with articulated Silver joints. Rich, natural colour, subtlely designed with only the  topside, partially curved over to provide perfection. The front sections are just stunning in shape and colour; the rear segments, even though just small enough just to hold the cuffs together, are in themselves, attractive with the simple silver rivet through the centre, the same as the predominant front portions. The pair of cufflinks are in perfect, original condition, with patination to the original, unpolished Silver components. Dimensions approx..: Front Amber segments, 20mm wide x 26mm long x 11mm thick (varies); All being hand made, the rear retainers are only for the rear of the links and also vary slightly, but the following are a guide: 17mm long x 6mm wide at front, tapering to 2mm at rear x 6mm thick max., (varies); Silver links separate the Amber by 16mm. Russia. Circa 1920’s.





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