Exceptional Art Deco French Dining Table Dual Extensions


This Art Deco French Dining Table with dual extensions is of exceptional quality and design. It will seat6-8 people without extensions and 12 with the two extensions. The 2 extra leaves have a front “tongue” plus 2 dowel pins to thoroughly locate them in place on the dual, slid out supports, one at each end. The base consists of diagonal, outward sloping legs at each corner, so seating is easy at corners without knees bumping the legs; the base has many design features, including a reverse Bow Centre each side, and a full width splayed foot at each end towards the head and foot of the table. Fully restored Dimensions approx.: Overall max. width with 2 extensions 232cm; no extensions 160cm (each leaf being 36cm wide); x height 75cm x depth 91cm. France. Circa 1930. Chairs shown are sold separately.




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