A rare orange bakelite Retro Telephone


A rare Aviation Orange, French Telephone in absolutely the best condition, no damage to any surfaces, totally original and complete and that Colour!!!! The rear (base) has a volume control dial and all the original tags, Manufacture imprints, etc.. The lead and wall Plug is 2.7m long and no damage to plug, cord or any other visible problem at all. The Handpiece is also near new, no damage. The base manufacture is stamped “BONNEVILLE” (France),  has Serial Numbers, and European markings; Dated to metal, “06/11/79” (actually European date, meaning 11, June ’79).. A soft aged Patina from very little  use. Original dial label on front with 6 digit phone number. Untouched since arrival from Paris. Untested as plug has a square edge male point that does not fit directly into our Australian wall plug. This may be modified if absolutely needed, but that is left to the new owner, i.e., may need adjustment to suit Australian Telstra plug if needed for other than display.

France. 1976 Manufacture.