Art Deco French Marble Photo Frame (1 of 2)


Art Deco Geometric French Marble Photo Frame, one of two available, Left and Right hand designs The base is thick, solid Italian Potoro Marble of Black with fine veins of  “gold” and white. The supports are Geometric Columns of three different marbles with the glass fitting into a circle piece of marble on the other side of the frame.  The pair retain the original front, bevelled glass, with negligible, minor “nibbles” to lower, slot hidden corners; rear glass is contemporary. Dimensions approx.: Base width 24cm x 5cm deep x 2cm thick; Overall height glass 19cm; Glass size 18cm high x 13cm wide (max. photo size or trim to fit), smaller photo’s can “float” within the glass. France. Circa 1930. This sale is for the one frame shown.