Art Deco American Hazel Atlas Cocktail set, shaker, glasses, ice bucket


Art Deco American, Hazel Atlas complete Cocktail Set of Shaker, 6 Glasses and Ice Bucket. All original, all in perfect condition, with the “HA”, the “initial marks”, to the centre base of the Ice Bucket, and the design connects all pieces. The design is basically Grapes, Vine and Leaves in Blue/grey and white on clear glass all with the top rim highlighted in chrome. Dimensions are approx..: Shaker, 24.5cm x 9.5cm dia. at top chrome; Ice Bucket 12cm high x 11.5cm dia. base x 14.5cm dia. top rim; Glasses, 7.2cm high x 4cm dia. base x 7cm dia. top lip. Please refer to the 8 matching “High Ball” glasses if still available. U.S.A.