Art Deco American Chrome Airplane Table lighter


Art Deco Chrome Airplane Cigarette Lighter.  From the 1930s.  when you turn the Propeller, the cabin roof flicks open with the flash of a spark (when flint installed), and that ignites the wick inside the cabin (when properly fuelled). You are assured that this unit works properly as it was intended, going way back to the 1930’s, when these first started, with a new model each year.  There is some minor black enamel paint loss over the decades, a couple of tiny flakes off the cabin roof and a few scratches to the underside base where the flint and refuelling screw/caps are located, with “Flint” and “Fuel” and Co. name/initials? moulded into the base.  To re-start, you partially (and gently) turn the prop which re-seats the Cabin latch which then clicks in ready for the next f’light. The flint and fuel makes it illegal to Post, so we leave for display and the new owner. The Flints are easily obtained from a $1 plastic gas lighter, and the fuel from an old surviving Hairdresser/Tobacconist shop or most Large hardware chains. U.S.A… Circa 1930’s.