Vintage Spanish Toledo Replica Sword Letter Opener Intricate Enamelled Detail


A Spanish Toledo Miniature double edged Sword as a Letter Opener. An Internationally recognised Sword Maker for Centuries, even respected by the Japanese Samurai Sword makers. Incredibly intricate and detailed. with coloured enamels in the fine engraving. Excellent condition with soft aged Patina the Half Cup hand protector only. All other Gilt, enamel and the chrome blade are like new. TOLEDO is engraved and filled with red and black enamel on front of blade adjacent to the hilt, and a pattern to rear has minor age patina. The Hilt is a Cross and half-cup hand protection, with very fine engraving, all filled with Red, Blue, Black and white enamels, also followed on the blade with the Toledo name, and to rear patterned area. Dimensions approx.: Overall length 17cm x 4.6cm max. across the Hilt. Toledo, Spain

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