Vintage Solid Sterling Silver Buckle Bracelet


Spectacular European Solid Silver Buckle Bangle, adjustable to 3 different sizes. The upper Buckle Lifts up, withdrawing the pin from the hole in the lower Strap.  The Buckle mechanism adjusted to whichever hole is most comfortable. The images supplied illustrate the method for opening the Bangle, releasing the hinged section to allow easy wrist  access. No damage anywhere, presents as new. Hallmark  925 (slightly rubbed 9, but definitely as declared), confirming European Solid Silver equivalent to British Sterling Silver. A wonderful Jewellery piece with Unique mechanism. Dimensions approx..: Wrist area elliptical Small  5.9cm x 4.3cm; Wrist Elliptical Large  6.5cm x 4.7cm; 7mm plus buckle to 1.4cm wide max.;  band width generally 6mm; Band thickness 2mm each layer, 4mm thick double layer at Buckle.  Circa Mid Century.