Vintage Illuminated Terrestrial Lit Globe – German


Magnificent World Globe of high quality German Manufacture, and description, Globe is “COLUMBUS ERDGLOBIS” type, “DUPLEX” model, detail by “Paul Oestergaard” of “BERLIN und STUTTGART”, as dedicated on the Globe, 1: 48,000,000, 1cm=480km approx.. The Globe has a moveable 24 hour disk at the Arctic location for referencing time of day at different world locations, and the metal supports and Latitude reference are all gilt on brass. Condition is outstanding, and other than a few, tiny, age patina marks at top surface of the base support, it is stunning and immaculate. Shown are Ocean water currents, Meridians, Colour coded Countries, Cities and Capitals of the World, and much more, too much to describe fully. It is Post the change of Ceylon to Sri Lanka. Totally rewired to Australian Standards, with inline Di-pole Safety switch to twisted fabric cord in sympathy to the original. The globe has been fitted with an LED unit for very long life. This lamp is easily used in other Countries by simply changing the plug at end of cord by a Qualified person, and also the globe/bulb, if Voltage is different than 240Volt. Dimensions approx..: 42cm high overall; Globe dia. 25cm dia.; base support 6.5cm dia. x 2cm high. Germany. Mid Century