Vintage Aeroplane Airplane lamp by the Sarsparilla Co. of New York


A Vintage Airplane lamp with a Satin Glass body with chrome trim and scrolled supports at front and rear. The Glass Plane body is quite detailed with impressed Body plates, windows, and body ribs, that are also used to grip by the chrome support arms, and the glass end is recessed and slides firmly into the Lamp socket area surrounded by the chrome collar.\. Totally rewired with sympathetic period detail cord and in-line safety switch, all in accordance with Australian Regulations.  Excellent condition with slight aged patina but no damage at all, all chrome perfect. Dimensions approx.: Overall 30cm wide x 26cm high to top of glass x wingspan 33cm; Nose to tail 31cm; Chrome base 20cm wide x 9.5cm deep x 2cm high at scrolls. U.S.A..




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