Spectacular Art Nouveau Silver, Agate, Turquoise and Pearl Pendant


Exceptional Art Nouveau European Sterling Silver Pendant and chain, both Hallmarked “925”.  The Pendant is extraordinary With exquisite detail of flowers, Lily of the Valley, Lilies, and leaves, with the very top flower of 5 petals, centred with a cream pearl and the centres of other flowers highlighted with Turquoise spheres, with some as the Turquoise outer petals. The main pendant is a magnificent Agate, varying with vertical translucent stripes, adjacent to fines brown stripes in various widths and 2 larger brown stripes, vertically dividing the agate ellipse. The rear of the agate pendant is also polished, and the flowers are also decorative.   Dimensions approx.: Pendant 8cm high x 5cm wide; chain 69.5cm long overall; Pearl 7mm dia., Agate Ellipse 4cm high x 3cm wide x 1cm thick max.. Europe. Circa 1900


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