Rare The Marks, a guide to Chinese Porcelain Marks


“THE MARKS”, a comprehensive and detailed Reference of Chinese Porcelain Marks throughout all the Dynasty’s. Produced in 3 Languages, Descriptions in Spanish, French and English. A FIRST EDITION Soft Cardboard Cover, of 1968 Copywrite, created in collaboration by Dr. Maria Mattos, dos Santos, and Rev. Dadre Douter Joaquin Guerra, Professor do Chine’s Institute Superior, Politica Ultramarina, published in Lisboa, Portugal.

This is a must for Chinese Porcelain Collectors, researchers and general Public interest in identifying all Chinese Historical Porcelain Marks.

It covers not only the differing Dynasties from 2852 BC to 1949 AC, but also the specific Imperial Marks.  A superior production of 193 numbered pages, not incl. references and fly pages, etc..

Condition is amazing for age, with slight yellowing of pages edges (to be expected), and casual, careful reference use over fifty decades plus. Showing soft aged Patina and very minor, negligible edge wear, with small; “dog ears” to the front cover and couple of first page only, (visible in images, only under close inspection), at front, lower right corner. Other than that mentioned, the book has no spinal damage or creases and lays flat except for the front couple of pages as already mentioned. Dimensions approx..: 22.8cm high x 15.6cm wide x 1.7cm Spine thickness.

Portugal. 1968.


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