Rare Mid Century Russian Bakelite Penguin Soda Siphon


Mid Century Russian Penguin Soda Syphon, with Bakelite Feet.  Black and White Enamelled Steel Pressure Vessel, with Spheroidal Graphite, Cast Iron Head (so it does not rust), plus glass eyes and Button mechanism to throat, press to release Soda water from Beak. Rear of head has the plastic screw cover with Factory Mark (matches the base mark). The unit also has the original Gas “Bubblet” Holder that Pushes the gas into the carbonated interior water. The underside has raised markings in Cyrillics to Bakelite base surrounding the central safety bolt area, i.e., Cyrillic “Price” followed by “23p” (23 Roubles) followed by 50k (50 Kopek), being half a Rouble, and at end, the Factory Mark, similar to an “Arrow” on top of “V”. The interior is complete with working white rubber seal and flexible tube to the syphon base. The exterior finish is nearly Mint; other than a light, shallow “S” scratch to the right white area, plus a 10mm long x 1mm wide scratch to the left black “wing”, this unit is near new, with only a soft age patina, no other damage to mention, (maybe a light clean or polish, would improve even more). Russia. Circa 1950