Rare Huge Abraham Palatnik Optic Lucite Cat


A rare huge Optic Lucite by Designer Abraham Palatnic of Brazil, recognised Worldwide. His idea of incorporating a 2 Dimensional design, within two bodies of optically clear, curved French Lucite was patented.  Within the centre of this design is the Mark relative to the Registration, as shown in the images. The curved Lucite makes the inner image 3 dimensional, and also makes it appear to “move” as your angle of vision changes with any movement around the statue. The base of his pieces always had an “Origin of Manufacture” sticker to the base, and this statue still retains part of this paper but rubbed from movement over many decades; the sticker originally would have had “Made in Brazil”, but only part of this sticker remains (also shown in the images). Palatnik’s designs were nearly always of animals or birds, eg Owls, Elephants, etc., sometimes in different sitting or standing positions, commonly in different sizes, 4”, 8”, 12” , BUT, 16” (40cm) being the largest and most uncommon, as this one is. Very Rare, minor “brush” rubs in scattered spots but very fine (see magnified image example), and negligible considering age, and size rarity.