Rare French Europa travel or desk clock containing playing cards


Art Deco French Travel Clock by Europa Clock Company, with an immaculate, original face and single winder for both time and Alarm and keeps good time, plus adjustments for Time, Alarm and Speed. The case hinge is a miniature piano hinge, and has some age patina but no damage to the interior, which has red velvet, divided Card area, and yellow Silk/Satin surround to the clock rear.  Very rare item, as the clock case is fitted to hold Playing Cards, and all the original cards within, are intact, complete, the open carton cards are used, but all in excellent, and include the original French Carton in good condition. This carton has 54 Cards including 2 Jokers, plus a card for “Bridge Contract International” scoring/instructions? There are also 2 other packs, still sealed in cellophane. All card packs are marked “Made in France”, and the open pack has “1’s” instead of “Aces”. The Outer clock edge of the Faux Leather case, has a faint gilt print of the past owners name, and a 6 digit telephone number which dates the clock accordingly. A chance to get a rare item, all in good condition. Dimensions overall are 14.5cm wide x 11.5cm x 5cm thick (closed). France. Circa 1940.