Rare Art Deco American Bakelite Carved Strawberries Hinged Clamper Bangle


Outstanding and Rare Art Deco deeply Carved Bakelite Clamper Bangle in Mint Green with a Strawberry and Leaves each side; the berries can twist to change the appearance. The symmetrical carving can have the fruit points facing each other, head to head, or both hanging down, making the bangle appear wider at front. The swivel movement is created by the 2 old type slot head screws to rear of each, are tight, but having slight slack to allow the fruit to rotate.  The bangle is in excellent condition with a soft, aged patina to what is otherwise, as new condition. The hinge is unmarked, working perfectly and all pins tight and intact Dimensions approx.: Carved Strawberries 4.2cm high x 3.2cm wide x 0.8cm thick (varies);  inner Wrist size closed ellipse 6cm x 4.3cm x 0.6-0.8cm thick (varies); Opening to 5cm max. at across front; Band width generally 2.4cm wide including slotted centre x 0.8cm thick; Front varies according to fruit orientation, i.e., 3.2cm to 4.2cm wide. U.S.A.. Circa 1930’s.