Outstanding Art Deco Smugglers Cane Walking Stick


Outstanding Art Deco Smugglers Cane Walking Stick with Concealed, Spring cushioned Glass Tube with cork, within the Shaft below the “coral” decorated, very solid and heavy bronze handle. A quality Cane used for purposes more than assisting walking.  The stick is in excellent condition with a soft age patina, a couple of small scuffs, but otherwise very little wear for age and has a great presentation. The only joint is at the handle to the staff, and it is very rigid as it screws down on the shaft concealing the inner compartment and is very ridged. The original glass tube has a short Hairline that has been stabilised with specialised glue, is stable and hardly noticeable as it is withing the cork throat area. No other damage or losses. Dimensions are approx.: 88cm overall height; good Bronze Handle grip generally 2.5cm.;Upper shaft is 2.5cm dia. tapering to approx.. 2cm at top of ferrule with upper “bamboo” joints approx.. 3.2cm dia.; the Solid copper Ferrule has been sympathetically replaced in later decades.  France. Circa 1930’s