Mid Century Mauthe Alarm Desk Clock


Mid Century  Alarm Clock by “MAUTHE”, Germany . The Mauthe Family was famous Clock Manufacture going back to 1844. Checked, cleaned and timed, with round Gilt face and support is surrounded with a separated, brilliant, lime green Square frame, with the gilt Alarm “off” button, through it at top centre. The internal face is amazing as it appears as new; with gilt and black batons at 5 minute intervals, with illuminous spots to each toward the centre; with second intervals finely divided, and “MADE IN GERMANY” beneath  the 6 interval. The exterior has a soft aged patina, in excellent Vintage condition.  Dimensions approx..: 6cm wide x 6.7cm high x 3.5cm incl. support foot. Germany. Circa 1940.


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