Mid Century Lilac Jade Drop earrings set in Sterling Silver


Outstanding Earrings with Mauve Jade Drops, on European 925 solid Silver in an intricate, traditional Asian Screen Pattern The Silver clasp holding the drops, is double ring hinged, allowing the Jade Drops to sway with the slightest movement. The Jade has very slight soft clouds of a lighter shade varying with view angle, and the silver clasp to the jade has fluted edge representing a tulip cup. The Silver is hallmarked to the rear, very difficult to interpret, but 925 in upper panel area above the posts, and  GSJ  at bottom, lower rectangles below posts. Condition is exceptional with no damage to mention. Dimensions approx.: overall drop 3.6cm ; upper panel 1cm dia.; Jade drop incl. clasp, 2.5cm high x 8.5mm dia. max.. Europe



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