Mid Century French Jaz Deluxe Sunset Clock


A Mid Century JAZ Deluxe Clock.  This is a Sunset Clock, made in France.The Front Dial is symbolic of Sunset at Sea, upper area in black enamel with equally graduated horizontal lines, while lower in white.  All perfect, the 3,6,9, and Noon are large gilt Batons with gilt squares representing numbers between; outer upper and lower horizons have reversed colours between concentric outer rings; Base is also in gilt and tapers from left to right; a very interesting, asymmetrical design. Serviced, keeping excellent time. Face marked  8  for 8 jewels below noon and the JAZ bird symbol above JAZ above Deluxe, all above the 6 position. No damage to mention other than a slight, tiny depression at noon at top control cover, negligible and only mentioned to be absolutely precise in description.




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