Mid Century Carbolite Russian Bakelite Corn Yellow Chick Alarm Clock


Mid Century Soviet, Corn Yellow Chick Clock in Carbolite (Bakelite) with Black Trim. Black Arabic numerals, Factory SLAVA, 11 Jewel movement, all controls, Alarm stop lever at top rear. Front marked Made in USSR, an earlier version pre change to CCCP. Condition is amazing, no marks, no damage to mention at all, other than a soft age patina, near mint condition and keeping excellent time for age, give or take a few minutes per day. We must remember that these clocks were guides for time, not the exact, accurate Chronometer quartz clocks of today, but still maintains good time. Russian clocks were in existence centuries before Switzerland, going back to the very first mechanical clock in 1404 in Russia. Dimensions approx.: 9.2cm wide max. varies; 10.1cm high overall; Dial face 5cm dia. max. x 3.5cm deep including adjustment levers. USSR