Mid Century black enamelled alarm clock


Mid Century  Round face Alarm Clock “BAYARD”, France, White Face, Gilt surround and black enamel outer edge, all in original, excellent working condition, including the Alarm button in gilt at centre top; all with an external, soft aged patina, no damage, just minor use over many decades. Checked, cleaned and timed, with no damage to report. The face is excellent with no deteriorating to mention, and has the “BAYARD” name noon position, and “MADE IN FRANCE” along the very bottom. The Arabic numerals in black , have perfect Illuminous spots at outer edge and black enamel second Batons, with the hands coloured similarly with the illuminous line down the centre, and a fine black alarm arm. The rear is in satin black satin chrome, has all the usual controls in brass and marked “MADE IN FRANCE”.  Dimensions approx..: 7.7cm dia.,  x 8.5cm high x 3.7cm deep. France. Circa 1940.


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