Art Deco Long Faceted Deep Cherry Red Bakelite Necklace


Art Deco Necklace of extremely intricate Faceted Beads of Tapering size in rich and vibrant Cherry red Bakelite Amber. An outstanding early necklace, continuous with no clasp.  The necklace is not knotted, to allow the strand to hang and drape naturally without kinking. Excellent condition generally, with a soft aged patina.. One negligible tiny edge chip on minute facet corner on small bead at centre rear of strand, between adjacent bead, just above the cord; cannot see it unless carefully searched for. This tiny fault could be totally eliminated, by removing this small bead and re-string Dimensions approx.: Overall length 72cm; Beads front central large 1.4cm dia., Smallest centre rear slightly elliptical, 6mm dia. x 5mm long. U.S.A.. Circa 1920’s


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