Book Faeries Fairies Described and Illustrated by Brian Froud and Alan Lee


Faeries is a book written and illustrated by English artists Brian Froud and Alan Lee. An illustrated compendium of faerie mythology, legends and folklore, the book explores the history, customs and habitat of faeries in the manner of a field guide, complete with hand annotations.

Large Soft Cover nearly Mint condition Read but cared for. Still tight and no creased openings or pages. Slight edge use from gentle handling, but no damage such as tears or dog ears. Unusual, not numbered but 189 page count. Size 30cm x 21cm x 1.2cm thick. All pages have multiple and detailed illustrations with approx.. 30 coloured and / or feature detail colour plates. Has extensive Historical references, Traditional names and Fairy types, etc., Goblins, Dwarfs, Flower Fairies and many more. It would have to be one of the best illustrated with extensive, detailed, intricate artwork of all available. Pan Books London and Sydney. Published 1978-79


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