Fantastic Art Deco Bakelite Bracelet loaded with charms


Outstanding Bakelite Bracelet of loaded with early bakelite and lucite charms.   The bracelet consists of triple celluloid rings, and the decorations are on strong copper rings, with various loops anchoring the different components. The clasp is a ring and “T” type. Classic Bakelite pieces on the bracelet are Die, Acorn, Counters and Gambling disks and spheres of various colours. Dice, a carved Acorn, Counters and Gambling disks, and spheres of various colours.  Dimensions approx.: Bracelet length 20cm; Dice vary 1cm, 1.2cm, to 1.5cm cubed; spheres 1.5cm dia.; acorn 2.5cm x 2cm max. dia.; multi-coloured discs generally 2.1cm dia. x 1mm to 2mm thickness. U.S.A.. Circa 1940s