Exceptional French Games Gambling Box Cards Gaming Chips

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A superb French gaming chest probably Circa 1900 (possibly earlier,  Lock is handmade), but no Key which is not a disaster and could probably easily replaced.. Quality made with fine upper string inlay, also encircling the Keyhole, and dark polish to what appears to be Macassar wood with very rich grain to the inner polished surfaces and removable Dice Dish and dividers. .Many gaming chips (Jetons)  of various shapes and colours, the original smaller carved bone? dice, plus a set of 5 wood Poker dice in original holder (probably a later addition); genuine Paris made, France, oversize Playing cards, complete with 2 Jokers and box. The Jetons may be of bone, may not be complete, or all from the original set, but all came with this historic box. Dimensions approx.: 23.5cm x 30cm x4.5cm high.