Exceptional Egyptian Revival Scarab Earrings


Extraordinary  Egyptian Revival Scarab Earrings in Gilt, set with Black Glass set with White Diamantes across the shoulders and tapering downward between the wings. Finishing with a Baroque Pearl, gilt, crowned Droplet. The Scarab is finely detailed to the legs, and the upper head area is decorated with a Gilt Skull. The skull has a History, not on the Morbid side, but from the Latin Translation “Memento Moro” (or similar), to “Seize the day, remember death”, or  “remember to live, remember you die”. Both the earrings are Hallmarked to the rear with what appears to be a butterfly. Dimensions approx.: overall drop 7cm x 2.5cm wide; Pearl incl., cap 1.5cm x 8mm dia.. The rear loops have spring loaded safety clips, also in gilt.


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