Book – Italian Language Funghi d’Italia by Antonio Testi


Funghi d’Italia i.e., Mushrooms of Italy by Antonio Testi. The book is written in Italian, but the colours, shapes and conditions where they propagate are included, plus an Italian Cooking Recipes for each edible type. A comprehensive book on different Mushrooms and Fungi Types, colour coded into edible Fungi or Poisonous and Deadly Fungi. Some are so poisonous that touching them, then putting your fingers to your lips/mouth can be dangerous or sickening.  Fungi Worldwide, of the same genesis can be identified by all the various criteria and the information can assist identify mushrooms everywhere; HOWEVER, leave this to experts in your area so you do not poison yourself, or only use local Commercial Mushrooms in the interesting Italian Recipes.  Dimensions approx.: 21.5cm high x 15.5cm wide x 3cm thick, 383 Pages


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