Book Antique Hunters Guide to Europe, by Judith Miller


Book Antique Hunters Guide to Europe, by Judith Miller.excellent condition. New Mint Condition. Hardback plus original Dust Jacket all in excellent condition.

Wherever she travels, Judith Miller loves to seek out local antique shops and markets to find undiscovered bargains and to visit small museums and historic homes to soak up the ambience of the past. And she is not alone. The fascination with how previous generations lived, and with collecting antiques and memorabilia is a worldwide passion. With her enquiring mind and expert eye, Judith is the ideal guide to over 50 cities and regions throughout Europe, from Copenhagen, a paradise for dedicated antiques hunters, to the magical atmosphere of Venice, and from the ancient bazaars of Istanbul to the newly accessible towns of Eastern Europe.

The Antiques Hunter’s Guide to Europe not only spotlights key antiques areas and individual shops but places antiques in their historical context, even suggesting hotels and inns whose historical ambience or antique furnishings give them special appeal. You can learn about English delftware in Bristol and azulejos in Lisbon, find out where local crafts are still carried out by traditional methods and discover the best flea markets from Oslo to Andalucia.

Whether spending a few days in Amsterdam, touring the Cotsworlds or holidaying in the Dordogne, The Antiques Hunter’s Guide is the perfect companion for the avid browser, the would-be collector with an eye for a bargain or anyone who enjoys getting beneath the skin of a town to explore its heart and its history.

288 pages, 26cm high x 15cm wide x 2.5cm thick


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