Authentic Oscar de la Renta Egyptian Revival Scarab Necklace


Outstanding Oscar De La Renta layered Egyptian Revival Scarab Beetle and Pearl. There are many ways this piece can be worn as the layers detach. . The Scarab is the main focus with an opalised effect with changing colours according to direction of the light. The secondary necklace has a capped Baroque Pearl with gilt and bright, small diamantes, hanging from a 5 pointed star with a brilliant diamante centre The inner secondary chain has a pendant with the Pearl and Star detail, but this chain has multiple uses; It can be at the front, enhancing the Scarab; it can be un-clipped and used as a separate choker type necklace. The necklace can be adjusted, there are separate ring clips holding both necklaces and the main Lobster Claw Clasp can also connect to any of the 3 ring clasps, allowing 4cm to 8cm length adjustment. Dimensions approx.: Main necklace length adjusts 67cm, 72cm, or 75cm max; pearl necklace 42cm long; Scarab Pendant 6cm drop x 2cm wide; pearls typical 1.5cm x 9mm dia.; stars 1.2cm dia.. Osca De La Renta. New York., N.Y., U.S.A..