Authentic Louis Vuitton Ring Set with Diamantes


Spectacular heavy quality and Geometric Ring by Louis Vuitton in Silver tones, with centre and surrounding band of Brilliant Diamante,  all channel set. The full name “Louis Vuitton”, is repeated, in Gilt within the black Enamel Circle, surrounding the central, geometrical, symbolic 4 leaf Clover. Each “leaf” of the Clover holds 2 more gems of the same size as the outer perimeter Diamantes. The Band has a slight touch of Design, which may not be recognised at first, but the shape incorporates the symbol of “Omega”, the ultimate limit of a set, in contrast to Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Hallmark is very fine that most appears missing (rubbed) except the distinct “7”, and other visible marks may be a “2” and “5” All in excellent condition with no damage or losses, and just a hint of soft, age patina, closer to as new. Dimensions approx.: Ring size “M”, Upper Circle 3.2cm dia. x2.5mm thick, Band thickness generally 1.5mm, and 2.5mm at “shoulders”; Band width 2.5mm at rear to 4mm at shoulders. L.V., Europe