Authentic Alexander McQueen Gilt and Jade Cuff Bracelet


Authentic Alexander McQueen Jade Rhinestone Cuff Bangle, fully Hallmark Signed to inner surface, full name impressed. Intricate snake detail to both sides at cuff ends, and also Skull at each cuff end, with crown of Jade Rhinestone. The Skull is not macabre but refers to the Latin, Live For Today, Remember you Die Tomorrow. A heavy and quality piece of jewellery, recognised Maker Worldwide. Excellent condition, no damage or losses. Dimensions approx.: Inner oval wrist space 5.6cm x 4.8cm, rear opening 3.4cm clear; bangle width 0.5cm at rear to 1.2cm wide max. at skulls; bangle thickness 0.3cm at rear to 1.3cm max. at skulls; Jade stones 0.7cm dia. x 0.8cm deep.  Alexander McQueen. England.

3cm thick