Art Deco Royal Pastel Fully pelted Short Honey Mink Jacket sz 10 to 12


A Lovely Royal Pastel 23 inch logn Canadian Ranck Mink Short Jacket cut with a pretty Revere collar with fur both sides, two outside pockets and wide cut bracelet length sleeves and two 3 inch slit pockets. Suit a current Australian size 10 to 12.
All measurements taken when laying on a flat surface.
Bust 42 inches (105cm)
Length from Base of Collar to Hem 23″ (57.5cm)
Length across shoulders 17″ 42.5cms
Length of sleeve from the collar 24″ (60cms)
Length of Sleeve from the shoulder 29″ (47.5cms)
Length of sleeve from the armpit 13″ (32.5cms)



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