Art Deco Lauscha 20 Bimini Cocktail Sticks on original stand


A set of Art Deco Lauscha Bimini Cocktail Sticks, 12 Short and 8 Long Including Original Bentwood Stand, all in immaculate condition, no damage or losses. Brilliant colours, all hand-made with extremely slight variations. There is one additional Long Stick with a green top, included as a spare, as it has had an “invisible” repair to the top at some stage in the past. Bimini of Austria, was founded in 1923, by Fritz Lampl, and is frequently mistaken for the later, heavier glass by Murano of Italy. Dimensions approx.:- Long Sticks 11.5cm long including tops 1.4cm square; Shorter sticks 8.1cm long including1.4cm square tops;  Bimini Lauscha, Austria. Circa 1920’s

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