Art Deco large oval coffee table with built in bar


Spectacular and unusual Art Deco Elliptical Coffee Table with bar cabinet in base of table.  Roller/rotating Reeded doors at lower ends. The inner ends rotate separately from the reeded doors, and each have a bronze rail and pedestal to retain the bottles within. Each hidden “cupboard” takes approx.. 6 bottles of wine. The top is in a magnificent burl that is delicately divided and reversed to create a geometric pattern of deep, rich colours. The design is extraordinary and is the only one of its kind that we have had in over 18 years, rare to say the least. The Bottle compartments and reeded doors, spin smooth and freely, as new. All in excellent condition, with a soft aged patina, In excellent original condition. Dimensions approx..: maximums, 125cm long x 70cm wide x 53cm high. Europe.


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