Art Deco French marble photo frame of lovebirds


Art Deco Photo Frame with a pair of 3 dimensional Spelter Love Birds on leafed branch, in “Japanned” finish of copper and black enamels and a  small geometric slot support to opposite side to hold glass panes.  French marble base in beige with fine red and dark brown veins, with curves to all corners. The glass slopes slightly to the rear, and “sandwiches” the photo, so if it is smaller, it “floats” within the middle; or, if a standard photo size it fully fits the glass or the photo can be trimmed to fit exactly. The front glass has a small bevel to edge. Totally, all in perfect original condition, small black black felt strips to underside ends to protect polish surfaces. Dimensions approx..: Glass 18cm high x 12.5cm wide; Marble 24cm wide x 6cm deep x 2cm thick; overall size 20.5cm high x 21cm high approx… Please note, Photo in frame is demonstration only.  France. Circa 1930