Art Deco Fabulous Long Natural Mahogany Mink Jacket Sz 12 to 14


A fabulous 24″ long Canadian Darkest Natural Mahogany, designed to fit square on the hip. Made by a Master Furrier and is made of fully stranded pelts in a classic design.
All measurements are taken when laying on a flat surface.
Bust 44″ (110cms) will fit up to a 38:” or 40″ (95 to 100cms) bust with ease depending on how you want it to fit.
Length from base of collar to hem 24″ (60cms)
Across the shoulders 17″ (42.25cm)
Length of sleeve from the collar 28: (70cm)
Length of sleeve from the shoulder 23″ (57.5cms)
Length of sleeve from the armpit 16″ (40cms)


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