An Art Deco Sculpture by Paul Colin of Etling Paris


An Outstanding Art Deco Sculpture. A dilemma as it has two famous Designer names, both of France. “Paul Colin” (1892–1985), who was an outstanding Poster and Graphics Designer, and also with “Etling Paris” (Edmond Laurent Etling 1878 – 1940), a French art dealer, gallery owner, designer, and a manufacturer of high-quality decorative objects made of bronze, ceramics and art glass in the Art Deco style. Maybe a Design by Colin, produced by Etling? Artist Colin, Signed to Lower leg, with Etling Paris on opposite side. Whichever, a fantastic Patinated Bronze figure on Golden veined Alabaster Elliptical plinth. All in excellent condition. There are minor rub marks to top of alabaster that could be re-polished if wanted, but we leave items in original condition. Dimensions approx..:- 41cm high x 24cm wide maximum; Elliptical Alabaster Base 19.5 x 6.5cm deep. Colin / Etling, Paris. France


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