An Art Deco Corn Yellow Bakelite Watch by Endura of Switzerland


Spectacular and becoming very rare, a desirable Art Deco Corn Cob Yellow Bakelite Watch by Endura of Switzerland, with mechanical wind movement. Endura is now part of the Swatch Group. Magnificent original condition. The spring hinge Clamper is in perfect working order, and the pins holding the hinge are tight, secure, and the spring is firm. Excellent presentation with no damage or losses, just a soft age patina only achieved from decades of love and gentle care when wearing. The watch has been serviced and adjusted for timing. These watches usually have lesser jewels and are not Electronic like what we have today and need winding on a daily basis. They are not Chronometers but keep reasonable time considering their age. Bakelite is increasing rapidly in value, and some items are being sold by weight, like gold. Dimensions approx.: 3cm wide at front to 2.5cm at rear; oval Wrist size closed 5.8cm x 4.5cm; Clamper opens approx.. to 4.9cm max. for wrist access; Thickness 1.2cm at front incl. face, to 1cm to 0.6cm at rear hinge inset. Endura of Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. $