An Art Deco Carved Marbled Spinach Green Bakelite Clamper Bangle


An Art Deco deeply Carved and very desirable Spinach Green Bakelite with Orange Marbleing Clamper Bracelet. The front features a 5 petal Daisy with bright orange highlights to the Stamen, and green leaves to the sides. Both edges are also carved along both sides of the front half of the bangle. The original chrome, spring Hinge is tight and effective, and the bangle presents like new with no damage. . Dimensions approx..:- Wrist oval opening 60mm x 43mm; Side opening approx. 62mm max.; width 28mm at carved front to 18mm at rear; Thickness 14mm maximum at carved front to 8mm at rear; total Mass a Chunky 51gm..U.S.A.. Circa 1920.