An Art Deco American Airplane Lamp


This rare Art Deco DC3 Chrome Airplane Lamp is a captivating piece that beautifully merges functionality with nostalgic design. Modeled after the iconic DC3 aircraft, this lamp is crafted from polished chrome, giving it a sleek, reflective finish that enhances its streamlined, aerodynamic form. The internal cabin is cleverly illuminated, casting a warm, inviting glow that highlights the meticulous details of the airplane’s design.

This lamp is in excellent condition, a testament to its careful preservation and quality craftsmanship. It has been expertly rewired to meet Australian electrical standards, ensuring safety and compatibility with local power sources. This unique piece not only serves as a functional light source but also as a striking decorative element, perfect for adding a touch of vintage aviation charm to any space. Its Art Deco styling and chrome finish make it a standout addition to any collection of historical or design-inspired artifacts.


23cm high

Wing span 35cm

Plane body 23cm long

Base 15cm dia


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