AMoorcroft Vase Lone Pine Vase Trial Piece by Nicola Slaney


A Moorcroft Lone Pine Vase by Nicola Slaney. Ultra Rare  as marked TRIAL PIECE and DATED.  It’s a beautiful and meaningful motif that holds historical significance. Inspiration: The Lone Pine pattern commemorates the Battle of Lone Pine, which took place during World War I. This battle was fought between the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) and the Ottoman Empire in 1915. The Lone Pine tree was a solitary pine tree on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey, and it became a symbol of courage and sacrifice for the ANZAC soldiers. This piece is perfect, no damage or crazing.  Hallmarked: Moorcroft, Stoke On Trent England; Trial, dated 3-2-15; script Kerri; Script Z; Script CH; Script C for Copywrite; plus paper sticker with script LONE PINE over  80/9 (LE), over NICOLA SLANEY. Lone Pine vase in shape 80/9 that was created as part of the Anzac Centenary collection. Dimensions; 23.5cm high x 5cm dia. Top; 10.1cm diameter max.; Base 7.5cm diameter. Moorcroft, Stoke On Trent. England

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